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Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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RC Willey has been in business for nearly 90 years and evolved into the largest home furnishing store west of the Mississippi.  Rufus Call Willey began selling appliances door to door from his pickup truck in 1932.  In 1949, RC opened his first retail store in Syracuse, Utah.  The store was 600 sq. ft. and had one employee.  The town had 300 people.  In 1995 Warren Buffet acquired this flourishing company to add to his other group of home furnishing stores.  RC Willey has continued to grow – a new store in Layton was recently added to our store locations in Utah. You will also find stores in Idaho, Nevada and California.  Each store offers an enormous selection including live great rooms with the latest electronics, audio and accessories.  This unique retail format exposes our vendor’s products to customers that would not normally be attracted to a traditional TV and Appliance Super Store.  RC Willey boasts a highly trained staff of veteran sales associates that have built long-term relationships with customers in the community.

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CEO:Scott Hymas801-461-3904scott.hymas@rcwilley.com
President:Jeff Child801-461-3969jeff.child@rcwilley.com
V.P. Merchandising:Todd Boothe801-469-2315todd.boothe@rcwilley.com
Appliances:Brett Hiatt801-493-4265brett.hiatt@rcwilley.com
Appliances:Jennifer Udy801-461-3916jennifer.udy@rcwilley.com
Video/TV:Kevin Carrell801-464-2313kevin.carrell@rcwilley.com
Audio/Home Office:Linda Walters801-461-3902linda.walters@rcwilley.com
Electronics/Seasonal:David McLoney801-461-3972david.mcloney@rcwilley.com
Operations:Karl Anderson801-596-6962karl.anderson@rcwilley.com
Controller:Bennett Rasmussen801-461-3996bennett.rasmussen@rcwilley.com


CEO: Scott Hymas
President: Jeff Child
V.P. Merchandising: Todd Boothe

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