1313 Harding Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39202
Phone: (601) 948-5600 • Fax: (601) 949-8935


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When Cowboy Maloney’s opened in 1952, little did the original Cowboy anticipate where we would be today. As the dominant appliance and electronics dealer with twelve locations, all in Mississippi, we could not compete were it not for NATM and our unique relationships with vendors. Our selling the first DirecTV system in the world in 1994, and the first Sirius Radio system in 2002, and the first dishNET Satellite system in 2012, gave our dealership national acclaim, but it’s NATM’s buying, information, and product pricing that keeps us going.

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Director:Eddie Maloney601-351-6014eddiemaloney@cowboymaloney.com
Senior Merchant Appliances:Ralph Flood601-351-6043ralphflood@cowboymaloney.com
Senior Merchant Electronics:Jim Lawless601-351-6041jimlawless@cowboymaloney.com
Home Office/AccountingJimmie Johnson301-351-6030jimmiejohnson@cowboymaloney.com
Furniture Buyer:Debra Martin601-351-6042debramartin@cowboymaloney.com
Bedding Buyer:Jim Lawless601-351-6041jimlawless@cowboymaloney.com
Operations/General Manager:Joe Schneeberger601-351-6016jschneeberger@cowboymaloney.com


CEO: J. Con Maloney
President: Edward C. Maloney
Exec. VP: Johnny Maloney

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